Fleet Management System
Gain ideal experience with our modern fleet management software getting one common space for running your vehicles and equipment efficiently. With our fully automated system, we help your business grow.

Fleet Management

At Conciento tech our experts help you in redefining and digitalising your logistics operations for greater effectiveness and excellence in a business system. With our overarching logistic management systems, we simplify multiple interlinks connected to transport a given load from its origin to destination. Our customised fleet management software solutions offer timeless opportunities for carrier servers, freight brokers, and forwarders to manage a wide range of logistic needs.

We are professional experts who provide you with scheduled optimization of delivery routes, dispatching of drivers and managing your fleet with regular monitoring of orders and deliveries. We assist you in achieving your ideal fleet maintenance with regularised workflow. You will receive client-centric, customised software system solutions topped off by world-class experts.

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Key features of our fleet management system:
  • Real-time reports with various levels of data
  • Comparison and selection of best vehicles
  • Mobile apps for real-time tracking

Our Features

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Web Based Routing

Our team has developed an easy-to-use web-based interface to allow our customers hassle-free management of traffic routing and increased availability. Our web-based routing software provides a tremendous amount of control to our customers which makes their work easier.

Plan Route

Our planned route software design allows our clients to generate the most efficient route to meet their deadlines and stay ahead of the time. By choosing the aptest route you will save a lot of gas, time and money. You can use your time to enhance other business operations.

Send Route To Drive

We help your driver detect the best possible route. Get the right directions reaching your final destination saving time and energy. We make your trips easier by finding the shortest routes avoiding traffic and access to multiple relaxing stops. We help you complete your deliveries and get back home safe and sound.

Live Tracking

We ease your driver and delivery management system with our live tracking app. Keep a track of your deliveries round the clock without any external hindrance. Accuracy in our system offers accurate location tracking service and give alerts on time for any updates.

Real Time Follow upe

We provide complete follow-ups on your system with tracking of your deliveries, having complete access over the vehicle carrying to shipment or orders. You can access it on any device. You can anytime contact and check on your orders which gives you complete satisfaction.


Get a deep analysis of your delivery system and build a better understanding with your customers. We offer advanced tools to store all your data and delivery record in one storage place. It’s our goal to give you the most from your business.

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We have built strong client base and connected with many businesses helping them in achieving their set targets.