Front End and Back End Development
Conciento is a final stop to avail top front and Back-end development and coding services. Top companies rely on Conciento Tech for their software development projects to achieve their business goals.
Front End & Back End Development

At Conciento tech we must make both ends meet to create a powerful online image. We’ve combined joint effort of our expert team with innovative technology and created a thorough guide to deal with some of the most common challenges associated with backend development.

Front end development is the one which we witness in front of us and interactions we do on the front and backend is working of the online system and its functions in the background.

With excellence in technical skills and a strong commitment to offering quality. At Conciento tech we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients which create an urge in our clients to work with us.

Reasons to choose Conciento:
  • Best infrastructure and architecture
  • Quality control
  • Finest design and development
  • On-time requirements fulfillments
  • Post-release support
  • Personalized Configurations
Front End Development
  • Primary coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Automatic rearranging and autocomplete with jQuery.
  • Responsive designing.
  • Content management software and SEO.
  • E-commerce platform.
  • Continuous testing and debugging process.
  • Version control system.
Back End Development
  • Primary coding languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and Rust.
  • SQL interaction with a database.
  • Accessibility and security compliance.
  • Scaling of applications.
  • Version control such as Git.
  • Use of Database technologies – RDBMS or NoSQL
  • Interaction and understanding of front-end web technologies.
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