Learning Management System
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Learning Management System

Our expert team will assist you in choosing the right learning management system for you that best fit your business needs. With timely and effective LMS implementation we help you achieve your business goal hassle free. It is a biggest platform to grow in this digital era.

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Our amazing learning platform comes with limitless functionality! Our LMS engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

Course Builder
LMS course builder will be your best guide in the path of e-learning. It will offer you easy to access online coursework with all the powerful learning tools. Thousands of students and teachers join every day and move towards the growth of their respective paths.
Video Assessments
Majority of people prefer visual learning over reading. Video-based training or learning is the most preferred way of learning. Our LMS comes with video-based learning including uploading of videos, video sharing and video subscription from famous sites.
Tracking and Reporting
To have insight into one's growth its important to track and report their day to day progress. With the CMS tracking and reporting feature, you can track the learning results of your employees and send a weekly or monthly report via email to keep them updated.
Instructor-Led Training
Your virtual training session will be led by the professional trainer to give you in-depth knowledge of your subject matter. With instructor-led training, you can get better clarification of your doubts.
With our advanced LMS system explore new opportunities with e-commerce. You can charge the required fee for your course or learning module using our pre-packaged feature. Earn while you make others learn.
Engage more people by indulging them in rewarding courses. Reward points or other benefits by holding a competition among learners and encouraging them to score more points. This specialised LMS feature makes coursework interesting.
Customized Learning
Various customisation options are added to place multiple courses in one frame and changing the coursework as per the requirement of every learner to give a personalised touch to the learning experience.
Social Learning
Our LMS help you pace up with other students by giving notifications of activities and current course completion status from time to time. Indulge in social learning and active participation in every sphere of online learning through this coursework.
Task Automation
Our LMS offers full automation of enrolment and task management. This allows an ample amount of time to instructors to focus on learning and other activities.
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Employee Training
LMS provides you with unique learning tools to enhance the productivity of your employees. We help boost your company’s revenue by providing competitive learning tools to your company for enhancing your employee's skills.
Sales Training
Accessing of reviews through comments or videos and providing training on sales to team improving the loopholes in the sales structure. With LMS’s training features it has become possible to boost the sales in no real-time.
Service & Support Training
Our LMS support portal will assist you round the clock immediately responding to all your queries and resolving technical issues real quick.
Operations Training
Schedule virtual or classroom training with the intuitive ILT module. Built to be simple and used by anyone. The LMS solution provides user feedback, courses assessment and easy access to student progress. Using an LMS as an instructor has never been easier.
Compliance Training
The best LMS should give you access to out-of-the-box e-Commerce capabilities. Our LMS solution lets you easily monetize your courses using pre-packaged features or set up an online storefront using its powerful Shopify integration.
Supplier Training
Increase learner engagement and motivation by awarding achievements, points, and badges based on participation in the system. Stimulate friendly competition and encourage learners to complete more courses and make it to the leaderboard.
Contractor Training
String together multiple courses in logical groupings to create personalized learning paths for your learners to engage.
Partner Training
Get real-time notifications of activity from your teams and learners. Drive higher course completion rates through unique communication and notifications. An LMS keeps you up to speed with your students.
Customer Training
The best LMS should give admins and instructors the ability to add or complete tasks automatically, giving them more time to focus on teaching. Our LMS solution can automate such tasks as group enrollment and task assignment.
Why Companies Trust Our LMS?

We provide one of the most powerful and advanced learning management software solutions to our prestigious customers. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our learning management solutions:

Anywhere, anytime, any device
Your customers come in all shapes and sizes, all over the world. They need the freedom to access training from anywhere, in any time zone.
Easy content upload
Keep customers coming back by regularly adding new content in different formats including videos, audio files, PowerPoints, reference documents, and SCORM files.
Scalability & flexibility
As companies serve growing numbers of independent workers, they need a solution that scales to large numbers of users and offers limitless flexibility in how the learning program is managed and delivered.
Easy to Use
With a highly intuitive interface, TalentLMS creates a distraction-free environment and makes learning a breeze. Your learners navigate through the platform easily, and access information in a snap.
Course creation in a snap
Reuse your presentations and videos or choose from a wide range of online material with our social integrations. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.
Suited to your needs
Your own custom domain, logo, and theme. Create an environment that is entirely your choice. Fully customize your portal to match your brand.