From small to large, all manufacturing units can benefit from our advanced management system. These businesses can boost their business with quick management solutions.

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is the biggest contributor to our economy. It is the backbone of our economy that supports the nation. So, to help our nation grow, Conciento tech is helping manufacturing industries expand their horizon with technical advancement and hi-tech solutions. Our advanced technologies pave a way to get out from historical modes of running a business and replace them with hassle-free and advanced technical solutions. Experience error-free cutting edge manufacturing technology for developing and designing solutions for your business complexities.

We offer a diverse range of procurement planning and cost supervision to supply chain proficiency and digital conversion. We provide a comprehensive range of management encounters. We assist businesses to produce real results and build a strategy for the future. We also specialize in locomotive, paper and packaging, airlines and transportation, construction services. We also offer other services like food ordering, real estate, sports, and non-profit sectors.

What makes Conciento different from others?
  • We go beyond our limits: For customers' satisfaction, we go a step beyond. We help you get relevant leads, vendor growth, and industry events.
  • Collective manufacturing capabilities: We are a one roof solution for everything you need including B2B outsourcing and requisite manufacturing.

Our Manufacturing
IT Services

Asset Management
and optimization

At Conciento tech we help in optimising the technical process and financial performance of available resources through technical advancement of assets to improve financial margins.

Enterprise and Supply
Chain System

We help businesses adopt effective and efficient supply chain strategies that improvise margins, access to quick tracking, further leading to lower operational expenses and reap long term benefits for their enterprise.

Smart Manufacturing

We have digitalised the whole manufacturing process by using smart data Analytics to offer deep insights for achieving long term goals of operational excellence and data-driven decision making.


Inventory management software helps you to keep a track of your stock with complete accuracy.

Field Services

One-stop solution to manage your work orders by planning and executing your field services.


Get seamless tracking of all the information and processes related to your order.

Challenge & Opportunities



Research & Development




Customer Self


Businesses grow with opportunities and overcoming tough challenges. At Conciento tech we make your pathway of success smooth and hassle-free with our technical solutions. We believe in providing full ledge transparency in operations to keep the faith of our esteemed clientele. We are at your service to provide you with the best possible technical assistance.

Why Choose us?

We very well understand the technicalities and provide best on-time solutions for all your technical queries. With excellence and expertise in software solutions, we have created a pool of knowledge that helps us in meeting our client's needs at its best. We are ever ready to transform your dreams into fruitful business ideas.

Trust us to grow with us:

Assured results - Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and we guarantee results. We have assured solutions for all your business problems.

Expert help - We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you with all your technical concerns. Our team is well known for providing an amazing user experience to our clients.

Next-Gen technology - We move ahead of time and stay updated with the latest technology to take you on my memorable digital journey.

24*7help - We are available round the clock to assist our clients in their hard times. Our team works hard day and night to attend to all your technical concerns and provide you with the best available technical solutions.

Creativity - Our designs are known for their creativity and high technical standards. Behind our every design there is the craftsmanship of our technical experts combined with the creative aspect.

Solutions for change - We believe in building long term relationship with our clients by ensuring the highest quality standards in our services.

Completing deadlines - We believe in completing your work before the assigned deadlines. We never miss a deadline.

Focusing on details - We pay attention to every minute detail of your project. We keep a close eye on dates and budget of delivering your project.

Path to success - We are one-stop-shop for all your technical worries. We have discovered a route to your success.

Great Support - You can anytime reach us through a call or drop an email. You can always count on us to find apt solutions for your technical concerns.