Real estate
Meet the rising technology needs with our fully equipped real estate software solutions. Our technology keeps you in the forefront.

Real e-state

At Conciento Tech, we are renowned for providing a remarkable digital experience in real estate software development. We bring you the most complex market trends into practical application with great ease. Our main aim is to provide a full-fledged package of quality-oriented real estate software services to our clients. Success is assured with our dedicated team.

Custom Real Estate Software

We offer unique and modernized solutions custom-built to best fit the needs of your real estate business. We provide our clients with the cloud based platform architectures, current market trends and the industry requirements as per growing digital world. We help your business grow by adapting to changing market scenarios introducing personalised market solutions.

Real Estate Sales and Workflow Software

Opening multiple doors of opportunities by discovering the concealed gates of income. Our workflow software is trusted by many brokers, real estate businesses and market investors to raise their sales and get maximum gains. Our software helps you build long term journey with your clients and increase agent productivity.

Real Estate CRM Development

One perfect solution for developers engaged in real estate is CRM for real estate development. It is a perfect match for real estate developers for tracking deals, managing building, recording sales and generating monthly or yearly reports. With our unique feature, your development status can be updated from CRM to your website.

Real Estate Data Analytics Software

Conciento tech is here to accelerate your digital needs with real estate data analytics software. It is finely designed to resolve the business challenges faced by real estate businesses in today's digital era. It offers full automation of your day to day tasks and let you focus on your core business and relation-building with clients.

Real Estate Software Integration

Keep your real estate business operations running uninterrupted with our integrated software solutions. Our hi-tech software design helps you achieve results which are manually impossible to achieve. Facilitate your entire sales engine with us.

Challenge & Opportunities

Online consulting cut time and cost

Virtual scheduling of sites

Live negotiations and loan consultation prior to deal

Online payment through secure channel

Daily updates through email or message

Easy management of every client's data

Real estate business faces real-time challenges in day to day operations and fixing the final deal. Fluctuating property prices and unpredictable changes in government scenario makes the survival difficult. With our real estate software design, we can be a helping hand to keep your business ahead of time.

Why Choose us?

We very well understand the technicalities and provide best on-time solutions for all your technical queries. With excellence and expertise in software solutions, we have created a pool of knowledge that helps us in meeting our client's needs at its best. We are ever ready to transform your dreams into fruitful business ideas.

Trust us to grow with us:

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24*7help - We are available round the clock to assist our clients in their hard times. Our team works hard day and night to attend to all your technical concerns and provide you with the best available technical solutions.

Creativity - Our designs are known for their creativity and high technical standards. Behind our every design there is the craftsmanship of our technical experts combined with the creative aspect.

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Path to success - We are one-stop-shop for all your technical worries. We have discovered a route to your success.

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