With advanced gaming solutions and sports apps, we bring fun and frolic to at your comfort. Storage and managing of sports data and with advanced gaming solutions entertainment has reached the next level.

Sports Development

Sports is not just about games and entertainment, it’s a lifestyle and a mode of living a balanced and healthy life. Sports help people build a person’s identity and help them lead a peaceful and healthy life. In today's world sports has become a leading industry with big business exposure.

With the use of technology and highly accessible solutions, the Sports industry is changing every aspect of lives and approach towards sports and its related entertainment. Many sports & fitness clubs are adopting technology for driving limitless benefits from sports and reaching a maximum number of people. Conciento tech offers hi-tech software expertise in developing custom made web and mobile application for Sports & Fitness industry. Our experienced team with years of experience, we help our customers with the proper solutions to simplify their business-specific needs.

Conciento is the most trusted sports solutions company which conquered the hearts of professionals who are related to the sports industry with its cutting edge technology. It provides us with insight into commercial tactics and business-critical statistics. A wide range of investors in the business of sports relies on us for information and amenities.

Our Features:
  • Expertise in the business
  • Innovative marketing strategies
  • Long-standing partnerships
  • End-to-end marketing facilities
  • A strong team of talented individuals

Our Expertise

Sports Mobile Game

Double your entertainment with our advanced mobile game apps. From fun to action we cover it all with our gaming apps.

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Sports Software & Web

Fantasy Sports

Sports Betting Softwares

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AR/VR Sports Games

AR/VR Sports Games

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